How a website made Air-BnB a success

The story of how Airbnb was formed and how it has
grown from $20 business to a massive $2.6 Billion is very
intriguing and it is a perfect example of how branding your
small business with a website and a logo can have
significant impact on the growth of your businesses.
Airbnb was started by schoolmates Brian Chesky and Joe
Gebbia because they could not afford the rent for their
loft apartment. So they came up with an idea to rent out
their living room with an air mattress and turning it into a
bread and breakfast.
At first, they were making a few bucks but after meeting
up with Computer programmer Paul Graham, they got
$20 000 funding and with the website already built they
were able to market their website, couple of months later
the website hit 10000 users and since then they have
grown to be one of the best internet business in the
world. You can continue reading more about Airbnb using
the link

The aim of SITS is to help startup businesses with
corporate branding and social media presence, in the
same way Airbnb was made a success. We have realized
that most start-up businesses don’t have the branding
required to compete with big corporates. We help
businesses with choosing corporate colors, logo designs,
website development, brochures, flyers, and social media
We are helping small businesses to grow into the next
the industrial revolution of technology.
Our clients operate in the community, we help them gain
presence in the technology space and therefore helping
them expand and be able to operate in the global market.
Our aim is to build long-lasting relationships with these
small startup businesses because we know the only way
to be successful is by helping others succeed.
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Tshepiso Seabi

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